Bodrum - Datça Price List

Passanger Categories Price
1 Person One Way 80 TL
1 Person Roundtrip 140 TL
Vehicle Categories Price
1 Bicycle 15 TL
1 Motorcycle One Way (0 - 150cc) 110 TL
1 Motorcycle One Way (151 - 600cc) 140 TL
1 Car One Way 230 TL
1 Jeep One Way 285 TL
1 Small Van One Way 350 TL
1 Big Van One Way 430 TL
1 Caravan One Way 575 TL
  • The child between 0-6 are free , children between 7-12 are have %50 discount.
  • An extra 40.00 TL is taken from each one of the passengers in the vehicle. (A companion cannot be added after the vehicle ticket is purchased, the in-vehicle passengers are limited to 5 people including the driver.)
  • In motorcycle fare, passengers other than the driver pay the normal fare.
  • Vehicle prices are determined by our company according to vehicle brands. Vehicle types written in the license are not observed. (A car fee is charged for motorcycles over 600cc, 3-wheeled motorcycles and ATV-style 4-wheeled vehicles.)
  • If you travel with your vehicle please buy your ticket a few days in advance.